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History of Kuhlman Repko Shipping

History Kuhlman Repko Shipping HarlingenSince 1872

 In the year 1872 the ship owner Coenraad Kuhlman from Rotterdam registered his shipbroker company in the Frisian Chamber of Commerce under the name C. Kuhlman Jzn.

He died in 1906 and was succeeded by his son Johannes Kuhlman. Last century shipping companies were often appointed to vice consulates for their international relations. Johannes Kuhlman was vice-consul of England. 
The nephew of Johannes Kuhlman began his long career with the company in 1917. Johannes van der Meer became owner of the company in 1928. In this period the company was vice-consulate of Norway and Denmark. Between 1955 and 1975 seven ships were built at Shipyard Harlingen: the Jenjo, Frisia, Hennie, Coenraad-K, Bothnia, Seven Seas and Coenraad Kuhlman. 

History Kuhlman Repko Shipping HarlingenShipping Agencies 

In the 80s Mr Van der Meer and co-owner family De Jong decided to sell all ships and focus on agencies. Johannes van der Meer remained actively involved in the business until his death.
In 1962 Coenraad van der Meer (the son of Johannes van der Meer) joined the company. After his retirement in 2000, the business was taken over by René Buitenwerf and Jan Reier Arends. The company continued under the name Kuhlman Repko Shipping. 

Logistics services development

Under the lead of René Buitenwerf, Kuhlman Repko Shipping evolved from a standard ship agent to a multi service logistics company specialised in port agency services, forwarding, customs handling, project logistics, inland container transport & yacht services. 
On daily basis we develop ourselves to ensure the best service for our customers.