About us
Logistics services

We are Kuhlman Repko Shipping and logistics is our profession. For 150 years we have been standing by our clients, ready to handle their every logistic need. We are always looking for new possibilities to offer you the solution that suits your company best.

From port agent to customs broker and freight forwarder

Traditionally Kuhlman Repko Shipping started out as a port agent in Harlingen. Through the years, we have also developed ourselves as customs brokers and freight forwarders. Container transport and project cargo are part of our specialties.

Logistic experts

We work on establishing strong and long-term business relationships with our customers and partners a like. Our strength lies in the dedication, skill and knowledge of our employees. All our employees are experts in their specific field. Having these experts allows us to provide a worldwide, fast and efficient logistics service.

We make your logistics work!